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        1. Quality

          Tornik/EMS Mexico is ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003 registered, UL & CSA certified and manufactures to IPC 620 standards. Each assembly goes through 100% computerized testing.


          For almost 30 years, seasoned management, excellent financial strength, and a long term commitment in Mexico are fundamental to our success.


          Our commitment to timely, high quality, products has led to decades long relationships with Fortune 500 companies.


          Ingrained in the culture of Tornik is a dedication to maintaining the trust of our customers, employees and suppliers.


          Prototyping, quick turn production, complex inventory programs… Tornik/EMS Mexico has the flexibility to respond.

          What do we do?

          For almost 30 years, Tornik/EMS Mexico has been a top-tier contract manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, harness assemblies, electromechanical assemblies and turn-key box builds, customized logistics and complex production services.

          Who do we serve?

          Tornik/EMS Mexico serves leading manufacturers in the medical device, instrumentation, aerospace, industrial, OEM, consumer electronics, computer, telecommunications, and green technology industries. Customers range from high-growth start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

          Where do we do it?

          Tornik/EMS Mexico can handle your projects at its new Rocky Hill, Connecticut headquarters facility, its newly expanded 25,000-square-foot Tijuana, Mexico facility and its San Diego, California stocking warehouse. We will help you achieve the best cost, based on your product mix and supply chain requirements.

          Why Tornik and its EMS Mexico Division?

          Tornik/EMS Mexico is the right choice for engineering and contract assembly services whether you are seeking to reduce costs and conserve resources by outsourcing current operations; starting up a new product line, new division or new business; supporting the expansion of an existing business; wanting to improve your contact manufacturing experience, or looking to migrate your production to a lower cost.

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